Friday, March 19, 2010

and so it begins...

Fresh off the heels of his third successful IYTI event in Vancouver, jerm IX is teaming up with street artist and documentarian Vegas on a project that encompasses the entire transit system of Vancouver and the surrounding lower mainland. V-TARP, The Vancouver Transit Ad Re-appropriation Project would like to invite you to participate by sending in your artwork, cut to the proper dimensions.

for the dimensions and the address, hit me up on flickr, or email

" can create a much bigger dialogue about who has the right to use public space in this way. While the actions of one person might be seen as that of a vigilante, the actions of many become a protest. because of this I think large scale projects like V-TARP encourage a conversation around the issue of commercial/public use of our shared environment. Questions about how using public space for commercial messaging might affect the public's use of that space become something to talk about, and that can only bring good as far as I am concerned."

-Jordan Seiler, in a V-TARP submission call post on
Public Ad Campaign
mad love to Jordan for the support.

so, what are you waiting for?
email and get the dimensions and the address.

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